Телефон нокия иксперия инструкция

телефон нокия иксперия инструкция
When you are ready to proceed, tap Get started. Tap to select the backup you’d like to restore the data from, and tap the right arrow to proceed. If you’d rather start afresh rather, than restoring from an old device, scroll to the bottom and tap Don’t restore. Такое бывает если купленный аппарат изначально был предназначен для конкретного сотового оператора. Find out how to make and receive calls on your new Sony Xperia with these short steps.

You should now be looking at your new Home screen – complete with Google search widgets, shortcuts to Sony’s built-in apps and a launch bar with access to your apps list. On the launch bar are three icons. После запуска появляется главное меню, в левой части виден список из моделей Sony Xperia устройств (1). В верхней части кликните на кнопку «Check All», чтобы приложение обнаружило последние версии прошивок для различных стран, включая операторские. English (United Kingdom) is already selected, but if you wish to set a different language on your phone you can scroll through the list and tap to select it. You can give your account a name to help you identify it (if you’re using more than one account) and also enter your name to be displayed on any emails you send from your phone.

The wireless password is often shown on the router, and may be referred to as the wireless passphrase, WPA key or WEP key. Once you’ve attached your item, it will display in the body of the message, allowing you to add further text before you send it by tapping the blue arrow. If your message has been converted to an MMS, this will be shown below the Send arrow. Assembly Sony’s Xperia XA does not have a removable back cover. При выдвижении клавиатуры происходит автоматическая разблокировка экрана, а изображение поворачивается на бок.

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