Easy balance tetra инструкция

easy balance tetra инструкция
Good cleaning 1 every 6 months and thats it. Pelleted feeds come in different sizes and can be floating or sinking. This practice will also help prevent animals from eating only one type of feed. Most aquarium fishes should be fed at least daily, except for carnivorous fish that ingest large meals. Examples include starvation, a high percentage of carbohydrates in the diet, a high amount of lipids, and rancidity.

This is not an acceptable practice, and these fish should receive targeted feeding. Add the weekly treatment once a week and than this product once a month. Iodine deficiency can result in thyroid hyperplasia, which has been seen in both elasmobranchs and teleosts.

Fish feeds usually have a high protein and oil content, which can deteriorate rapidly. Many feeds can be frozen, which will prolong their shelf-life. A feed container kept at room temperature should be discarded after 2 mo of opening. Less obvious, but detectable on wet mount examination (100×) of gill tissue, is “bent” or deformed cartilage, which may also indicate a history of ascorbic acid deficiency. Date published: 2015-10-15 Rated 5 out of 5 by Jalapenohelen from Does the job I routinely use this product to keep the water balanced. It’s easy breezy with great results. I have two tanks, a 10 and a 20, and use it once a week on both. Fishes that feed at the surface should be fed feeds that float, whereas bottom-dwellers should be fed items that rapidly sink.

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