Intelligent battery charger инструкция

intelligent battery charger инструкция
Then, the aircraft needs to be able to visually recognize the pattern of the ground it took off from, for example cracks or other identifiable patterns. A uniform patch of sand, however, is not suitable for Precision Landing. The other slave remote controllers can only be used to change the parameters of the camera.Camera & Gimbal1. How can I eliminate the fisheye effect in my pictures and videos?The Inspire 1’s camera has only a very minimal “fisheye” effect, especially when compared to other flying platforms. The revolutionary magnesium core embedded into the aircraft greatly increases rigidity, minimizing unwanted vibrations. There are four independent over-temperature battery sensors and two independent over-temperature control board sensors.Short circuit protection is designed on the main board. And it monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging without any overcharge and complete with a built-in battery desulfator to rejuvenate underperforming batteries. A 6V and 12V battery charger and maintainer.

Phones and tablets larger than this do not fit the remote controller’s device holder.4. Can I use a regular USB cable to connect my phone and remote controller?Yes, you can. The aircraft will lock on the subject and start tracking it automatically from a safe distance.2. What is TapFly?TapFly means you can fly in any direction with a tap of the finger, without a remote controller. Will this affect its flight performance?No. 4. What’s the highest level of wind the Mavic can resist?The Mavic can withstand a level 5 wind, also called a fresh breeze.

Yes.3. Will the update fail if the battery level of the aircraft or controller is lower than 50%? The update will not start if the battery levels are lower than 50%. After downloading the firmware, please ensure the aircraft and controller have sufficient power to continue the update. Does this require any specific configuration?5 km video transmission can be achieved when the display resolution is 720DPI or lower and there is no interference.5. Is there any delay when transmitting video, if so, how long is the delay? The fan is turned off when the temperature drops below 20 ℃. Battery1. Can I carry the Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Battery on a commercial airplane?Restrictions for bringing batteries in carry-on luggage may vary across airlines and regions.

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