Handheld sewing инструкция

handheld sewing инструкция
There are typically numbers and arrows printed next to it to clearly direct you the way in which to thread the machine. 7 Look for the tension dial. This heavy-duty unit will conquer your toughest work load and performs equally well in the factory or field. It’s tougher, faster and packed with more power…it’s designed to get the job done. These work together (with the spool of thread) to wind thread onto your bobbin prior to starting sewing. 5 Look for the stitch adjustment buttons.

This hardworking sewing machine offers 55 alphanumeric stitches, eight one-step buttonholes, an oversized wide table and more. top reviews Little brother — May 29, 2017 I love this machine. I purchased it for my 6 year old granddaughter to use. These buttons select the type of stitch you create, the length of the stitch, and the direction of the stitch (forward or in reverse). Check the manual for your specific machine to determine the functions for each of the buttons. 6 Locate the thread take-up lever. One small problem with this model is its difficulty to the thread. It can be quite fiddly to remove fabric from it without having to unravel the thread. Overall, the Stitch-Sew Quick is something you can use to fix a small issue in a pinch. Each safety pin is thin enough that it won’t damage fabrics and can hold up thicker materials if need be. Brand: Generic Color: Condition: New Weight: 0.10 kg Public questionsBe the first to ask a public question about this item and help the community!

Since it doesn’t feature reverse stitching, you may have to close the stitch off at the end manually. It operates on batteries or and has an easy-to-use on/off button. Simple enough, huh? 12 Find the feed dog. 1 Find the power switch. It may seem silly, but locating the power switch is the most important step!

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