Bodyslide 2 and outfit studio инструкция

bodyslide 2 and outfit studio инструкция
This will pop out a sidebar of different filters in it, which are discussed below. To see all mods again after using a filter, either right-click the filter and select Deselect filter, Ctrl+click the filter, or click in any blank space within the sidebar. Outfit Studio: Fixed slider data imports for FO4 sometimes introducing noise due to lower precision. This will add BOSS to your executables list. Outfit Studio: Any unreferenced blocks are now deleted on NIF export.

This includes mods that you have marked as Won’t Endorse. You can drag multiple items by Ctrl+clicking them. In order to not install a file/folder, simply uncheck the it. Unified UNP: Adjusted belly weighting for UUNP HDT and UUNP Special. Outfit Studio: Renamed «Copy Name» button to «To Project» in the save project dialog.

General: The 3D views can now load all texture compression formats (DXT1-5, BC1-7). General: Fixed Z-Buffer for the 3D views, which appeared as clipping, even though there was none. Outfit Studio: Implemented material file chooser dialog for the shape properties. Warning:If your game is installed to a UAC-protected directory, e.g. Program Files, then you may have to run MO as administrator or give your regular user account access rights.

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