Рефлотрон плюс инструкция

рефлотрон плюс инструкция
The measurement procedure is done in just three simple steps. Text messages in the display guide the user through the process. A comprehensive manual is delivered with the instrument. 4. What are the main new features of Reflotron® Plus versus the former Reflotron® system? Thus the patient can wait for the result and treatment can be started without any delay: With the support of Reflotron® Plus for your treatment recommendations and for improving patient compliance, the effectiveness of your practice will increase and your patients’ loyalty will be strengthened.

Поставляем реагенты фирмы «Roche», Хоффман ля Рош для экспресс-анализа Оборудование и реагенты для экспресс анализа. Darunter zählen Leber und Pankreasenzyme, Stoffwechselprodukte, Blutfette, Hämoglobin und Kalium. Tragen Sie nun 30 μl Kapillarblut, venöses Blut, Plasma oder Serum entsprechend Parametervorgaben auf den Teststreifen auf. 3. Messung Haben Sie den Teststreifen für die Messung vorbereitet, ist dieser in Reflotron® Messkammer einzulegen. The results are shown on the display, documented via the integrated printer and are also stored to the internal memory for further processing. FAQs 1. What are the benefits of determination of clinical-chemical parameters in the doctor’s office? Eine Probenvorbereitung und Kalibrierung sind durch die spezifischen Reflotron® Teststreifen nicht erforderlich. 2. Testdurchführung Nehmen Sie den gewünschten Reflotron® Teststreifen aus der Dose.

Your patient likes the fact that you don’t waste any time deciding what treatment is needed. 2. Which indications are covered by Reflotron® Plus? There is no need to prepare reagents or to calibrate the instrument. See the resultsResults are displayed after 2 to 3 minutes — documented via the integrated printer and saved to the internal memory for further processing. Handling of Reflotron® Plus is quick and easy. With the 17 clinical-chemical parameters detectable by the available Reflotron® Tests, the most important indications in primary care are covered for such health problems as diabetes, lipid disorders, kidney diseases, muscle diseases, anemia, liver diseases, pancreatitis, gout, and bone disorders.

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