Challenger dv-7169 инструкция

challenger dv-7169 инструкция
With these settings, very rarely do I see any crosstalk! Never posted a pic like this before on avs forum hope it’s ok as it is on topic. Now I am doing the same thing with 4K. Buying both the 4K version and the 3D version. The blacks on this TV are black! No other way to put it.Looks like I am turning into a Z fanboy. Oh well, there are worse things I could be I guess. Willnrox is online now Old 04-06-2017, 03:48 PM GOBAYS Member Join Date: Nov 2015 Posts: 49 Mentioned: 0 Post(s) Tagged: 0 Thread(s) Quoted: 33 Post(s) Liked: 14 I can’t wait to join the 65Z9D owners squad guys, just hope Sony Australia have stock soon! But you would think that Sony would have a few of them around in their warehouse along with spare parts.

The whites on my old plasma looked more grey than white. Yeah each to their own and the technology on all Flagship TVs are great you just have to get the one that suits your needs and space the best. WOLVERNOLE likes this. One of my biggest mistakes in the past was thinking that 55″ was too big when we got our first large screen TV for our small intimate home theater room.

Please let me know otherwise, thanks.+1 with the 3D, it is amazing on this tv the brightness of this tv helps bring out a lot more detail you get lost in beyond the window so much depth. The Z9D is not too bright at all. It is not bright enough. The Blacks on this TV are no slouch. Did give it a try after reading this. You may be surprised at the results and the picture is definitely not as bright as non-3D modes. Little things that add a lot to my enjoyment of the movie.

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