Видеорегистратор h 264 network dvr model bh-6004s инструкция

видеорегистратор h 264 network dvr model bh-6004s инструкция
Please check if you’ve enabled the hiding camera function in DVR. 2) Connection problem. The lower the record frame rate, resolution and picture quality, the less the bitrate. 2) The used storage is closely related to the movement of picture. If the image is static, the used storage is small. If the image is movable, the storage is large. Цена: 70.00 € * 4-канален DVR LS-9004H Компресия H.264; Real time recording support; Поддържа 1 SATA Hard Disk interface; 4 аудио вход; 1 аудио изход; VGA мониторен изход; USB порт; Дистанционно управление; Наблюдение през мобилен телефон; Без твърд диск. Please check the cable and the interface. 3) Camera problem. Please check the cameras. 4) DVR hardware problem. Q. Why does the DVR work fine, but cannot control the DVR by the front panel or remote controller? A. 1) Inner connection problem. FAQ about DVR Q. Why the DVR cannot start after connected to the power? A.1) The adapter has been damaged.

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