Art sound ae6.2 инструкция по установке

art sound ae6.2 инструкция по установке
Controlling Mattes Once you have tracked layers in mocha, you can then control the mattes for these layers back in the plugin interface. This will most commonly be “1st Below” the current layer with the effect applied. Input Channel When tracking, mocha looks at contrast for detail. New features include: Plugin Version: You can now load mocha Pro as a plugin into Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer (OFX support coming). GPU Tracking: Our advanced planar tracking is now even faster, utilizing the speed of top end graphics cards.

Clip to Show: Choose which clip to view from this dropdown Proxy Scale: Adjust the resolution of the footage for performance 3D: View a stereo shot in 3D stereo mode. Skip allows you to work with only every nth frame, useful on particularly long roto shots where the movement is predictable. For a more detailed overview of all the features, make sure to check out the Tutorials section and also the Documentation. Export an image sequence: Choose File > Export > PNG Sequence and WAV and specify a name and location. Again, if you want to completely lock down everything for all motion, choose the “Maximum Smoothing” option. ReelSmart Motion Blur in Action ReelSmart Motion Blur in Action!

Fill from Background If you haven’t set up a tracked background layer to use to help fill the edges, you can let mocha attempt to fill by analyzing the footage. Note that both splines have the same color, which is an indication that they belong to the same layer. Try adding further tracks to help the solve. Log reference black If working with log color space, set black reference value here. Свадьба нашего сотрудника Артема и Екатерины в городе Белый Тверской области 25 августа 2012 года. You don’t want to track a moving object within the shot as this will throw off the stabilization.

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