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Below is a great summary from a professional 2010 source. Serious injuries seem to benefit from 3 to 6 treatments/day (as the pain returns) instead of one treatment/day. But more or less, I believe maximum pain relief will be equal to optimum for healing. . 630 nm and 660 nm red light penetrates arteries, viens, breast tissue, and pig lard a little bit better than 850 nm. Heat lamps have long been used to reduce pain. It was believed the heat provided a benefit, but now we know the near-infrared portion of the spectrum of heat lamps provides more benefit than the heat of the far-infrared.

For a simple red or infrared LED array running at about 30 mA per LED I get about 30 mW/cm^2 from a 4 F rise after 10 minutes. The image above came first because this is complicated. CCO is a set of 13 proteins that accept an electron from cytochrome C and convert O2 to 2H20 while pumping 4 H+ into the intermembrane space for subsequent ATP generation. There is probably not much benefit to healthy cells. In the past, lasers were thought to be needed to provide the light, but it’s been known since 1989 that LEDs are just as good. Skin Absorbance The question of what percentage of light is allowed through a particular tissue at a particular wavelength is very important, highly varied, and very complex. Studies have used three to eight treatments typically one month apart.
How do you take a pictures of an internal injuries getting better? Looking at the table below, it appears reasonable that there will be many situations where 4% of the light energy will be blocked by the upper 1 mm of the cortex. After they reduced the treatment time to 7 minutes twice a day Here are their comments: Received unit 10/15/2013. 10/18/2013:»We’ve both been using it twice per day at 15 minutes at the setting you dialed in. The basic idea behind cellular respiration is that high-energy electrons are passed from electron carriers, such as NADH and FADH2, through a series of transmembrane complexes (including CCO) to the final electron acceptor. The ones that are «invisible» are 940 nm which is not the correct wavelength, only the ones with with a slight red glow are a healing wavelength (850 nm). These are stronger than most medical LEDs arrays.

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