Инструкция к применению антирадара кобра rsa-300

Use of Information Users of the FlickPic services use the services as a means to connect and share with others. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how FlickPic collects, uses, stores and shares personal information from users whenever they use our services. Storing of Information FlickPic will collect, process and store your information with a third party cloud services whose equipment is located in the continental United States.

FlickPic is not responsible for the functionality, privacy or security measures of any other organization. When you use FlickPic’s services, you will connect to other FlickPic users to share your content. Whenever you send such content or messages to other FlickPic users, FlickPic notifies the other users and will provide elements of your profile information to those users.

Ваше имя E-mail Нам очень важно знать ваше мнение! Information Collected Registration to Use Services. In order to use the FlickPic services, you will be required to sign up for a FlickPic Account. If you choose to sign up for a FlickPic Account, you will be asked to provide personal information. FlickPic uses these technologies in order to improve FlickPic services and to offer users interactive and/or personalized features that would not be available without using cookie technologies.

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