Wingate6.6.4 инструкция

wingate6.6.4 инструкция
Now open a web page on the LAN client machine and check the Activity pane in the GateKeeper User Interface. Great, youve installed the best Windows proxy server software around, but now you need to know what to do with it? WinGate Email Server — Setup and configuration of WinGate’s integrated Email Server.

Setting Up Your Network Believe it or not, thats the hard part done. Troubleshooting — Answers for the most frequent troubleshooting questions. Now all you have to do is set your LAN client machines so that their default gateway and DNS server settings point at the WinGate server. They should now get an IP address from the WinGate server and have their default gateway and DNS server listed as the WinGate server. This method of connection is very popular in Active Directory domains as it gives the Network Administrator an almost unprecedented level of control over the LAN machines. The WGIC hooks into the OS of the client machine and redirects all Network traffic to the WinGate server.

This means that the LAN traffic cannot be forced through WinGate and will allow users to connect to the Internet without connecting through the WinGate server. Another common, if not recommended scenario is to have WinGate installed on one of the LAN machines and have all machines connecting to a Router. You should stop the WinGate DHCP server if you already have a DHCP server running. Glossary — Download | Support | Contact Us | Terms And Conditions | Privacy Policy. Logging inThe first time that you log in to WinGate you must log in as the Administrator.

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