Инструкция для зенит 12xs

инструкция для зенит 12xs
The dial is marked in figures that represent fractions of a second-i.e. «60» is 1/60th second. It may be turned in either direction but not between «500» and «B» and must not be between marked speeds. Some electronic guns being heavier may need a separate mounting bracket or ‘flash bar which screws into the Tripod Bush (25) at the bottom of the camera. 3.Plug your flash gun lead into the Flash Synchronization Socket (7) making sure its tip is pushed in firmly. This is why your Zenith has a built- in synchronizer which enables you to use an electronic flashgun. The dial is click-stopped and so must be turned till it locks onto one of the numbered or intermediate settings. Your Zenith camera is sturdily built and will work happily under widely varying conditions. Do remember, though, that it is a precision-built optical instrument and should therefore be handled carefully and protected from violent shocks, damp, dust and sand and sudden changes of temperature. Remember too that on the beach, sand and sea-spray somehow seem to get everywhere; even a closed carrying case needs extra protection.

The Zenith TTL camera can be carried outside its case if preferred (your dealer can supply an accessory neck strap which attaches to the body eyelets (6) and (15), but if it is; take extra care to guard it against bumps and jolts. Поворотом диска светочувствительности пленки установите значение светочувствительности заряженной пленки против индекса на щитке фотоаппарата. Also available are four Opera Glasses all complete with case and two Monoculars (7 x 50 and8x30). Camera Care Your Zenith is a ruggedly built camera designed to provide many years of dependable performance. Meter Check The meter needle normally zeros (comes to rest) over the circle seen on the right-hand side of the viewfinder. Viewing and focusing First make sure your lens is securely attached to the camera by turning it clockwise until no further movement is possible. Some additional exposure is necessary when using teleconverters.

Это касается поля зрения видоискателя, отображавшего всего 65% от площади будущего кадра, и затвора с горизонтальным ходом матерчатых шторок. This can be done in two ways, first by pressing the Shutter Release Button (3) smoothly until it reaches the definite stopping point, just before firing the shutter. With a coin edge push inwards and turn to lock in vertical position.

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