Инструкция pioneer vsx-909rds

инструкция pioneer vsx-909rds
But that difference isn’t really worth arguing about. Words we traditionally associate with Yamaha and Onkyo’s affordable AV receivers. Specs Features Phono EQ Moving Magnet Cartridge Dimensions16-9/16 x 3-15/16 x 13-7/16 Weight5 lbs. 14 oz. This is known as CEC. Many brands have this feature. You would have to turn it on to switch to a different input.The other way you could go about this is to connect your devices to the TV, then use return audio over the HDMI line to feed the receiver when you want it.

However this method only works with all Pioneer components. The ONLY thing it can do at that point is pass through one of the HDMI inputs. This new Pioneer Series 700 open reel deck sounds as good as it looks — the rich and dependable sound of the best old-fashioned decks, plus the technical advantages and conveniences of the new generation of Hi-Fi tape machines. Simply connect to any auxilliary/line input on our amplifier or mini system.

The setting you are reading about tells the receiver which one to pass when it is in standby. LAST would pass the last used, or you can specify a particular input. Panasonic has VIERA link, Sony has Bravia link and Pioneer has KURO link. Paid less than $150 for it back then. It still works like a dream. Performance is 0.05% WRMS wow/flutter, 58dB signal-to-noise, 20 to 28,000Hz frequency response. The RT-707 reflects Pioneer’s stay ahead success in Hi-Fi by offering all the things you know you need in an open reel deck, and then some.

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