Yamaha venture multi-purpose инструкция

yamaha venture multi-purpose инструкция
First, close the tub drain and begin running lukewarm — NOT HOT — water into the tub. (Hot water will strip the lacquer off your horn.) Run enough water to cover the slide tubes completely when they are lying flat in the tub, about 4 inches. Flushing hoses are connected to each engine with a Y-fitting, allowing for a connection directly to the flushing system, as well as an optional port that a service technician may need. Качественный пластик саней обладает свойствами легкости, износостойкости и ударопрочности. Caution! Here are a few points to remember when you disassemble any slide and wipe it down, no matter what lubricant you’re using:. Применение впрыска топлива и цифровой системы зажигания позволили добиться внушительной тяги и экономичности.

The quatix 3 also features a 3-axis electronic compass, barometer and auto-calibrating altimeter. Indmar also added a radial O-ring to improve sealing capabilities and the units straight axial flow design enables water to flow more freely straight thru the strainer and reduces flow loss. Читайте статью, описывающую туристические снегоходы Yamaha RS Venture GT и Yamaha RS Venture TF 2009 модельного года. Place 1 drop of the milky liquid from the large SOM bottle onto each of the slide stockings.

When you have the tuning slide back where it belongs, you’re ready to follow the instructions for applying whatever slide lubricant you’ve chose. The foam thickness has increased from 13mm to 21mm and now consists of a dual-density formulation. Lifeshirt can also be set to manual mode where the wearer must pull a ripcord to activate the inflation.

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