Shoei gt-air инструкция

shoei gt-air инструкция
After a few kilometers it becomes a security issue as well. Conclusion The Schuberth SRC System is expensive, there’s no doubt about it. Buy Gear At Twisted Throttle With This Link and Help Support webBikeWorld! SRC Owner’s Manual Notes By the way, the installation procedures are described in the owner’s manuals. One note about battery life:The PackTalk lady alerts of low at about 35% remaining.

Spark Plug Gap: 0.8 to 0.9 mm (0.031 to 0.035″) Spark Plugs: NGK LMAR8Bi-9 Charging Rate: 1.4 A for 5-10 hours not to exceed maximum of 6.0 A for 1 hour. The AGC (Automatic Gain Control) doesn’t help, because it seems, well, too automatic. We couldn’t find a way to disable it or change the sensitivity levels (perhaps there’s a way?). When riding behind a windscreen, the AGC lowers the highest volume just when we wanted more. Unnecessary? Probably…but they look cool! ▪ Metzeler Tourance Next Tire Review (September 14, 2014): In the interest of science, I bought a set of the new Metzeler Tourance Next tires (review) and installed them on the V-Strom.

The current SRC Systems do not have these features, and that points to one of the problems with a dedicated helmet intercom system — it’s difficult for the helmet manufacturers to keep up with the trends and technology advancements. Some of the flaws were noted in your review, but not the worst ones. When the phone rang, I simply said «HELLO», and the phone answered. We once got separated by about 5 miles and reverted to telephone to coordinate getting back together. Fortunately, a user with 5 PackTalk units has posted Youtube videos showing the basics.

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