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These included installation of an aftermarket rear fog-light and its illuminated dashboard switch to meet UK legislation (Not OEM, or a requirement in Japan). The Company may also have fitted an ‘English’ text version of fuse box cover in the engine bay, and/or a RalliArt oil cap. Earlier (pre-facelift) auto models had a four-speed version, whilst most facelift [1997-2000] auto versions had a five-speed. Ottawa Hours Our Sales office is open Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm, our U-Pull-It is open 9am-5pm — Saturdays 9am-3pm. The headlamp internals were also changed to incorporate the vehicle’s side lights, but their external design remained. An HID Option was also made available. Apart from body styling, there are other less apparent differences in the Facelift models, such as uprated ECU and also distinct variations to the drive shaft units across the range.

Practical items such as a passenger air bag, installed in the dashboard above the glove box, or ski-racks were also listed. Tires are now being left on the vehicles in UPIC and you can take them off yourself and save tons of cash! Prior to the introduction of the facelift models a GP model was introduced in 1996, together with a later ‘semi-race spec’ Nakaya-Tune dealer package. Model production by color[edit] The build quantity per color helps to indicate the OEM rarity of some model builds — some of which may still be roadworthy, or available in the 2nd-hand market. All three of these models gained various refinements prior to the introduction of the facelift versions and many models were purchased fitted with a number of original options that were available, such as ABS, traction control and a passenger air bag.
There were also special 15 and 16 inch PIAA alloy wheels. Total production by transmission type[edit] The build quantity per 5-speed manual, 4-speed auto and 5-speed auto models. Many items were cosmetic in nature, such as stickers or chromed goods, although more substantial styling pieces such as side skirts and spoilers were also available.

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