Sl 1000b инструкция

sl 1000b инструкция
The palm of the right hand should fit against the right side of the camera body with the forefinger resting near the Shutter Release Button and the thumb on the camera back. With the other hand, firmly grasp the lens and rotate it counterclockwise until all the threads have been disengaged. To mount the lens, screw the lens threads into the lens mount on the camera body, rotating the lens clockwise until it stops and locks into place with a sharp click. Never touch the lens or the reflex mirror with your fingers or any material other than a lens tissue.

The angle finder provides the same magnification as the viewfinder and allows for a diopter adjustment of from +2 to2. A rubber eye-cup is provided to eliminate unwanted light from entering the viewfinder. Review the section on film loading and be sure you are loading the camera correctly with the film being securely attached to the take-up spool and winding in the CORRECT DIRECTION, that is UNDER the take-up spool. When the clicking stops the film has been rewound, but if for some reason you’re not sure, hold the rewind crank and advance the film lever 3 or 4 strokes. If there is no tension on the rewind crank the film has been completely rewound.

You may also determine the depth-of-field by checking the scale on the lens barrel. Dust particles can be removed with a blower or soft camels hair brush.10. HOLDING THE CAMERA Support the camera in the palm of the left hand, with the thumb and forefinger gripping the focusing ring. Our high quality field supplies, including NIST traceable calibration solutions and gases, come at significant savings over manufacturer brands.

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