Carrozzeria avic drz09 инструкция

Undo it with either a large philips screwdriver, or a 10 mm spanner. This could cause accidental wire crossing.StepStay consistent with all connections to prevent crossed wires that reduce speaker performance, ruin the stereo sound and may cause a short or blown equipment. With the glove box completely removed, you now have reasonably easy access to a bolt that holds the stereo in place. It is circled in the above picture. Привет собрат! Я долго искал электриков, для установки камеры, но все сильно заняты, а в основном много понтов и мало знаний. Oct 2, 2008 avic, carrozzeria, gps navigation, pioneer Pioneer just introduced four new GPS navigation systems in Japan under the “carrozzeria” model name.

Они говорят что есть эта вот вырезка для запуска климы и всякой мелочи кроме навигации. У них работает (это по их словам). А у меня ведёт себя как то странно. Speaker cable terminates at the end in leads, two separate wires to be connected to positive and negative terminals on the back of a speaker and its corresponding connection to a receiver or amplifier. With the two bolts undone, there’s only a series of clips holding the stereo unit in place.
There is enough cable for the stereo to come out, however it’s often bundled up in a loop with a white zip-tie. This is one of two bolts holding the stereo in place. Now move over to the driver’s side, and remove the plastic panel below the steering wheel. It uses no screws, only clips, so it’s quick and easy to remove. You need to push those towards eachother so that the glove box can open all the way and hang down towards the floor. Other differences include the 50Wx4ch amplifier which is only available on the HRZ-099 and HRZ088. However they all support DVD/CD/WMA/MP3/AAC/DivX formats for hours of in car entertainment and have a hard disk drive of 40GB as well as a digital TV tuner… via. Answer questions, earn points and help others Manuals & User Guides Or just drag it here!

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