Фм трансивер nkt 3118 инструкция по эксплуатации

фм трансивер nkt 3118 инструкция по эксплуатации
Cable connection to KENWOOD portable radios has a specific feature. The programming cable is intended to be used with a computer RS-232 port for programming radios and other devices. Round stereo jacks must be plugged in firmly until stop.

The power supply can be taken from the radio power supply or the accessory connector if available. Unused IC inputs (not outputs !) should be grounded. Federico Menthe (Argentina) has modified the TAIT radios connector.

Refer to radio manuals or search the web for information. Then open the GIF file with Adobe Photoshop (or any other editor) and change the image resolution to 600 dpi (look for at Image/Image size). Print it, it will be of the right size. Now you may disconnect the programming cable from the radio.

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