Pln-1p1000 инструкция

pln-1p1000 инструкция
Loading… There is no software for the OS Version you selected. The iP1000 benefits from Turbosound’s fraternal association with Klark Teknik and thus uses its Class D amplifier technology to deliver up to 122dB max SPL, which is controlled by Spatial Sound Technology. It also utilises Bluetooth to enable audio streaming and facilitate remote control. Would have been nice to come with appropriate sub cover and array carry bag. Music mode is flat, Live gives a slight bass and treble roll off, Speech has a lot of bass and treble roll off and Club boosts the bass and treble. The setup and tear down is a breeze. The iP1000 is a powered modular column loudspeaker that comes in two pieces: a bass unit and a thin column, which is mounted on top of it.

Some people think of column loudspeakers as the original line arrays and while they do share some properties they don’t really behave in the same way, neither do they behave like point source systems – they sit somewhere in between. Although it is light. I think definitely two pieces would have been better. I guess I’ll get use to that. The base unit houses the amplifiers, controls and 2 x 8in woofers, the column comprises 8 x 2.75in mid range drivers and 1 x 1in tweeter. Источник фоновой музыки LBB1961/00 Источник фоновой музыки серии Plena (CD, МР3, AM/FM тюнер) По запросу По запросу PLE-SDT Источник фоновой музыки BOSCH PLE-SDT 37 907 руб. от 26 535 руб. Floor sounds flat, Wall has a little bass roll off and Corner has a bit more bass rolled off.

Once aligned they go in very snugly with very little play. Four spikes in the base of the column ensure you connect it the right way round and prevent it from toppling over once connected, while an electrical connector slides home to provide signal to the speakers in the column. Your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will tell you — you can’t go wrong with the Turbosound iNSPIRE iP1000 powered modular column loudspeaker!

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