Hertz es 250d инструкция

hertz es 250d инструкция
Written by Garry Springgay Want deep, rich bass in your ride, but don’t have the space for a conventional subwoofer system? More bang for the buck is our philosophy and it is incorporated into every aspect of our company. Verified by Klippel The Klippel quality control system is our guarantee to always produce a product entirely in compliance with the most challenging international standards. Правда, по нашим расчётам, приведенные размеры тоннеля (62 х 220 мм) настроят этот объём на 32 Гц, но мы проверили: АЧХ изменится незначительно, а она именно та, что надо в этом оформлении. А уж в ЗЯ — тем более. Hertz ES 250.5 boxСабвуфер в закрытом корпусеРазмер 10 » Цена7690 руб. You would never know this is a shallow woofer by listening to it. I decided it was time to try a vented enclosure, the tuned frequency of which was exactly 38Hz. This change really brought out the energy in the woofer.

Hertz DBX 252.3Сабвуфер в закрытом корпусеРазмер 2×10 » Цена12400 руб. But if you’re willing to give up a bit of sound quality for what seemed like almost double the output, you will probably prefer the vented enclosure. ON THE BENCHMy Thiele-Small parameters differed significantly in a couple of areas from what is published in the ES F25.5 manual. Hertz EBX 200.5Сабвуфер в корпусе с фазоинвертеромРазмер 8 » Цена12700 руб.

The cosmetics of the woofer are understated but clean looking, and generate an air of quality craftsmanship. Диаметр осевого отверстия — те же 20 мм. These transients sound “tight” or “dry” on a properly designed subwoofer system. Hertz DS 30.3 vented boxСабвуфер в корпусе с фазоинвертеромРазмер 12 » Цена6490 руб. Подарили усилитель Mystery MK-4.80 + есть сабвуфер JBL GT-12BP, провода так же купил.

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