Comand ntg 2 5 инструкция

comand ntg 2 5 инструкция
Map CD version US 1.0 two CD set split West/East covering the USA (2001) Map CD version US 2.0 two CD set split West/East covering the USA (2004) TrafficPro support Map updates are available from . Please read the details of the update procedure in the manual, AND include both the firmware and the config file on the USB memory stick.Some vehicles may require you to lock the car, wait 2 minutes and open the car again before the DAB unit is visible. Installation is the same as the instruction manual above. Once this system becomes available in the US ( has been in beta for a year now) it will use only two CDs, one east of the Mississippi and one west of it.

The Magellan RoadMate 760 is a versatile «Turn it on and Go» nav system covering North America and Europe with data stored on a 20 GB harddisk. The Dietz 1440 video adapter for COMAND enables video input into the Mercedes COMAND NAV systems without a TV-tuner. It costs EU239 and supports PAL and NTSC TV signals for external video signals like DVD players, videorecorders, cameras etc. Contents Model History[edit] COMAND 2.5[edit] A early model UK-spec (right hand drive) W220 S-Class, with the COMAND system screen and buttons on the center console. The unit has a SD card reader in addition to the DVD drive. An optional DVD changer can replace the single drive. The Mercedes-Benz option code is 512 for the single drive unit and 527 for the unit with the optional DVD changer.

The after-market version is the Blaupunkt DX-V. A software update for COMAND 2.0 (M, CLK, C, E, G) was released in August 2002, which accelerates the system, and includes an intelligent speller dropping letters not making sense. Starting with 2000 in North America Alpine supplies the Modular COMAND System (MCS). From 2000 to 2002 the MCS uses a CD navigation module. August 2000 Most of the navigation systems mentioned here are self-calibrating by continuously comparing distances travelled with their map data, and auto-correcting any differences. The Mercedes-Benz option code became 527 (although, confusingly, COMAND 2.0 MOPF was also given this option code). These new MOST based systems were given the name COMAND-APS to distinguish them from the older D2B systems. The PASS system for passenger cars is under development. Also available in A, B, CLA and C-Class, with others to follow. 2013 Mercedes introduces StreetPilot II navigation retrofit In 2006 Mercedes introduces retrofitable NAVs intended for the A, B and C-Class.

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