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They describe the features of the PROFINET device model. GSDML editing can be accomplished with standard XML editors and should comply with ISO 15745, the base for device descriptions. Members of PI can download the GSD Editor free of charge from the PROFIBUS Web site at .Members of PI additionally can publish their GSD files free of charge with their product description at Products at , if the GSD files conform to the PROFIBUS specifications. GSD files contain information about the basic capabilities of a device. The relay option fits into slot B in FC 301 or FC 302 AutomationDrive. Advanced functions are available with the SZ series like muting or even simultaneous monitoring of 2 zones with a single unit. For this purpose concepts such as TCI, FDT, EDD should be used.The GSDML specification can be downloaded here.

For applications that work with mroe advanced products like Safety PLC, Lightcurtains etc, the new Safe PLC interface engables the connection of a two wire safety link. The connection with every unit of the MCX range is through the CANbus network. Supply voltage: 24 V a.c. +/-20% 50/60 Hz or 24 V d.c. +/-20%. Relay output: 3 pcs. SPDT (Lower level alarm, Upper level alarm, Common alarm / NC Solenoid). Current output: 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA. Valve connection to ICM via current output, AKV/A- via 24 a.c. Pulse-Width Modulating output. With a GSD file, system integrators can determine basic data such as the communications options and the available diagnostics. PROFINET GSDML Files GSDML are GSD files written in XML format.
Data communication, MODBUS RTU: Communication to system controller, MODBUS on RS485: galvanic isolation (500 V d.c.), CAN: Communication to other EKE controllersMounting: DIN railDisplay: Graphical LCD display. All devices are shipped with a GSD file, or a file can be downloaded from this web site or the vendor’s own web site. The editor includes a syntax and semantics check according to the GSD specifications.

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