Инструкция к nikon coolpix 4600

инструкция к nikon coolpix 4600
Brightness: Adjusts the brightness of the LCD display. While not strictly accurate, I think that most consumers will find the Coolpix 4600’s color quite pleasing.Exposure: Generally accurate exposure, but high contrast. Once a specific setup is chosen, light yellow subject outlines (more bold than on some recent Coolpix models) appear in the LCD monitor to help you line up the shot for the best focus and exposure. The Scene position of the Mode dial provides access to 12 preset «scenes,» which optimize the camera for what would normally be more difficult shooting situations. Great for images you want to bring along or keep in memory for the startup screen. Even night shots showed less noise than I’d have expected.

Menu Button: Below the Mode dial, this button displays the settings menu in any camera mode. It also dismisses the menu display. The available recording time is displayed on the LCD monitor. Pressing the Menu button displays a limited Shooting menu. Color: Appealing color, but bright colors are quite oversaturated. Underwater: For use with the marine housing accessory, this mode optimizes images taken underwater.

The flash is disabled, noise reduction is automatically enabled at slow shutter speeds, and the autofocus-assist illuminator is disabled, even in dim lighting. Built into the Nikon 4600 is a 3x optical zoom lens and a 4.0-megapixel CCD for capturing high quality images, a macro mode capable of focusing as close 1.6 inches, and no fewer than 16 preset shooting modes. Continuous: Chooses from Single, Continuous, and Multi-Shot 16 capture modes. BSS: Best Shot Selector shoots up to 10 shots and picks the one with the best focus.

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