Инструкция mysql 5 chm

инструкция mysql 5 chm
For example, to use the InnoDB transactional tables in MySQL 3.23, you must manually add some extra lines to the option file, as described in section 15.4 InnoDB Configuration. (As of MySQL 4.0, InnoDB creates its data files and log files in the data directory by default. For example, when we are doing updates to some customer information, we update only the customer data that has changed and test only that none of the changed data, or data that depends on the changed data, has changed compared to the original row. After publishing the binaries on , we send out an announcement message to the mysql and announce mailing lists. Developers can build applications using their choice of languages. The general rule is that bit functions are done with BIGINT precision, IF and ELT() with BIGINT or DOUBLE precision, and the rest with DOUBLE precision.

For the many other contributors, see section B Credits. New releases are issued for bugfixes. No new features are added that could diminish the code stability. MySQL 4.0 is the previous stable (production-quality) release series. This section describes the default (forgiving) behavior of MySQL, as well as the newer strict SQL mode and how it differs. When the file format changes, the first number is increased. This allows you to UPDATE an existing row if the INSERT would have caused a duplicate in a PRIMARY or UNIQUE index. Modes define what SQL syntax MySQL should support and what kind of validation checks it should perform on the data.

For example, you can use InnoDB on the master, but MyISAM on the slave if the slave has less available disk space.) MySQL buffer sizes (key_buffer_size, and so on) are different on the master and slave. However, the maximum available file size still depends on several factors, one of them being the filesystem used to store MySQL tables. The Custom installation type gives you complete control over which packages you wish to install and the installation path that will be used. For information on reporting bugs in MyODBC, see section How to Report MyODBC Problems or Bugs.

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